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5 tips for a Hot Pet Summer

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The dog days are here! We invite you to read how to relieve their "dog fever" on summer days.

The dog days are here! We invite you to read how to relieve their "dog fever" on summer days.

1. Old, sick, more sensitive, young puppies are much more sensitive in the summer

At higher temperatures, dogs and cats cool down by breathing faster and cool down in this way. Special attention is required in animals with obstructed flow through the upper respiratory tract. Cats and dogs with short muzzles usually have breathing problems even in natural weather conditions. These include mainly brachycephalic dog breeds such as pugs, bulldogs and Boston terriers, Persian cats, etc. We must pay special attention to overweight animals, older animals, those with heart or respiratory diseases and other chronic diseases. We mustn't forget the dense hair, which is an excellent insulator for winter, in hot weather, but is at most an obstacle for furries, rather than a benefit.

2. Outdoor activities with the puppy should take place during the coldest part of the day

Usually, the animals themselves find a suitable cool corner for hot summer days. You have noticed that your pet prefers to sleep curled up on cold tiles. We go for walks early in the morning or late in the evening, when the atmosphere is no longer warm or did not heat up and the floor cooled/cold.

"We always check with our hands whether the ground temperature is still suitable for sensitive dog pads before we go for a walk on the asphalt."

We must always have fresh drinking water with us (for our furry friends as well as for ourselves). We offer water several times. For this purpose, we can also carry a convenient travel container with us. Let's choose shady paths and provide our furry friend with shade even when resting.

3. It is better to stay in the cold at home than to wait in the car

Sometimes it is better for our puppy to stay at home, even though we are used to always having the puppy with us. We never leave a puppy or any animal in a parked car, regardless of the fact that we will be "right back" or that "it's not even hot yet" and we "left the windows closed a little". Temperatures in the car rise extremely quickly and are fatal for our furry friend in a short time! It is better to wait in a safe and cool shelter at home.

- When it is 24°C outside, the temperature in the car rises to 43°C after half an hour.
- When it's 32°C outside, it's 43°C in the car after just 10 minutes - and after half an hour the temperature rises to over 50°C!

Pes v avtuWhen it's hot, keep your dog at home.

4. We offer additional refreshment

Give your pup refreshing water activities. If you live near a stream or lake, you can find a safe place for your furry friend to bathe. If you have the opportunity, you can prepare a party for him at home. Shallow durable (not inflatable!) wading pools with fresh water are often extremely popular at this time. Some dogs enjoy taking a shower from a garden hose or shower. Refreshments in the form of treats are also particularly popular. You can make frozen treats for your furry friend (we've collected some ideas for you here). You can also freeze pieces of banana, pieces of watermelon or slices of nectarine and (if your dog is a fruit lover) he will definitely be happy with the refreshment. We have prepared some ideas and recipes for you, which you can find here.

 Some toys can also be used for this purpose. For example, you can fill some toys with some kind of filling (unsalted water, soup, yogurt, meat, etc.) and freeze them completely. Your puppy will definitely have a lot of fun licking the frozen toy. At the same time, it will also cool down.

Dog party with a showerDog party with a shower

5. Their appetite changes in the summer

In the summer time, when the heat is really high, you can also notice a decrease or change in appetite in our pets. Let's make sure that they get enough fluid into their body and that they have food available during the coldest time of the day. In the heat, food spoils faster, so we don't leave it available all day. You've probably noticed that your fur is only in the early morning or evening when the temperatures drop. If you have a furry friend who prefers to eat in the evening, "wet food" or canned food is more suitable for him.

Of course, all animals must always have fresh drinking water available. We can also do wildlife in the urban environment a favor - by offering them a bowl of fresh water.

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