How To Care For Your Rabbit?

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Your rabbit is a cherished member of your family and we know you want to provide bun bun with everything he needs to be happy and healthy every day.

Feeding your rabbit
The rabbit is no exception! His food must be based on hay. High amounts of beneficial fiber in hay maintain healthy teeth and digestion. Also offer him fresh vegetables. Healthy treats, although not nutritionally essential, can help make your relationship with a rabbit more fun.

Hay for your rabbit
Your rabbit should have unrestricted access to hay. Hay is useful because it prevents obesity, dental and gastrointestinal diseases. Offer different types of grass hay.

In addition to grass hay, young (less than one year old), pregnant, lactating or sick animals can also eat alfalfa hay due to their higher nutritional value (including higher protein and calcium content). Otherwise, alfalfa should be given only occasionally as a treat.

Providing a daily recommended amount of high fiber will help ensure that your pet receives essential nutrients not found in hay.

Vegetables for your rabbit 
Fresh selenium helps keep your rabbit hydrated and provides important vitamins and minerals as well as enrichment.

Treats for rabbits 
Treats (including fruits and vegetables) are great for encouraging interaction between you and your pet. If you offer too many treats, your rabbit may refuse its healthy food.

The health of your rabbit
In case of problems, consult your veterinarian.

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