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The passion for horses and the growth of equestrian disciplines, have created real specific needs concerning horse health and performances.
For 20 years, our experience has been built around the wellbeing and the valorization of competitors, allying balance and respect of the animal.

When we launched HORSE MASTER, we resolutely decided, never to dissociate performance and wellbeing, output and health, innovation and reliability.

This ethical engagement has become our trademark with which we diffuse our products in the absolute respect of all safety measures:
- All substances used are controlled, surveyed and subjected to competition rules and regulations.
- All production handling is carefully controlled which guarantees a real safety.
- Permanent telephone assistance for our distributors and consumers.

This engagement is also the concrete expression of a qualitative development strategy, based on customer satisfaction which provides clear guidelines to assure authentic quality and create a safe, secure and reliable framework.

All our team recognizes itself in what naturally became our signature:

Commitment to a mastered health

HORSE MASTER committed to quality:
-Innovative formulas adapted to each type of horse, discipline and objective.
-Rigorous selection of raw ingredients
-Maximum assimilation thanks to excellent availability of ingredients
-Total traceability of raw ingredients in final product
-Renowned effectiveness
-Facility of administration
-Anti-doping security :
   - Rigorous regulation control and analysis by the LCH of substances used to guarantee respect of official regulations
   - Systematic analysis by the LCH for possible contaminants prior to sale of product.

NDS- (No doping substance) logo included on all labeling of products guarantees the product* contains no prohibited substances and the product can be administered in total confidence up to the day of competition.


* Muscle Builder, Hargophyt, Harpagogel et XBleed not included (delay of use prior to competition specified on the label)

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